We offer comfort, quality and gratitude with all our products. Tartle is all about customer convenience, we provide free delivery island-wide now and always. As a special twist, we will be selecting lucky customers at the end of each purchase round to win a special prize.

Our founders Shane, Jehan & Naveen could not find a similar service across Sri Lanka so in order to deliver this experience to Sri Lankans, they took every ounce of guts to create this innovative service. Tartle will always be for the customers benefit which will be evident through our prize giveaways. A special mention goes to Shahad the master artist behind the creation of our bold and confident Tartle logo, as well as to Rinoshanth who made the typography logo for us. We are proud to display it. And toDilan Alex being the main mentor throughout this journey. Additionally, our special thanks goes to Reggie who worked alongside Shane to come up with our name “Tartle”.


Quality is an element we will never compromise on. Our products are made with premium quality materials and crafted by our well experienced and skilled manufacturers. Our high quality will not only be limited to our products but all the services we provide to make your shopping and winning experiences a enjoyable one. With our positive mindsets and industrious work ethic, we will strive to ensure that your experience with Tartle will go above and beyond your expectations.

Shane Martinus
Co Founder

Jehan Triston
Co Founder

Naveen Rajan
Co Founder